Mary Abbot Tivy (1922-) M. James Clark (1924-1996)

Mary Abbott  (Tivy) Clark, (1922-)

She was born at home in Rivers, MB and was educated in Rivers Consolidated School, graduating from High School in 1939. She then began the study of Home Economics in the University of Manitoba where she spent three years.

While she was growing up in Rivers she took piano lessons and tapdancing, achieving the Grade 8 level in the Toronto Conservatory of music exams.

During her 'teen years she became a very good tennis player winning the Western Manitoba Junior Ladies Singles, the Western Manitoba Ladies doubles and the Manitoba senior mixed doubles.

In June, 1944 she married Flying Officer James Clark, who was an Air Navigation instructor at No. 1 Central Navigation School near Rivers. They lived in Rivers until Jim was drafted overseas whereupon Mary moved to Winnipeg and worked in a clothing store for women. When Jim returned from overseas they lived for a time in Winnipeg, but in 1946 moved to Vancouver where Jim entered U.B.C. to study mathematics.

When Jim graduated they moved to Langley, B.C. where Jim had accepted a teaching position. Mary has lived in Langley ever since even though Jim taught at Wood Fibre, B.C. for 2 years and then at Burnaby high school, commuting to and from his work. Their four children were all born in B.C.. Mary taught swimming to many neighborhood children in their outdoor pool. In addition to raising her children she took care of both of Jim's parents and her own mother, Stella until they died. In addition to her regular homemaking activity she has done a great deal of spinning and weaving of woolen clothes, taking the process from the sheep's back to the finished goods; this has included demonstrations at the P.N.E..

Since Jim's death in 1996 she has continued to live in the family home and keep up many activities with her extended family members, most of whom live in the greater Vancouver area.

Jim Clark (1924-1996)

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