Debra June Tivy (1955-)

Born on June 17, 1955 in Regina Saskatchewan.  Educated in primary schools in Victoria BC and Vancouver BC.  After graduation from Handsworth Secondary School in North Vancouver, she attended the University of BC, graduating in Biology Science (BSc) in 1976. During high school and university she worked at various jobs involved in accounting at Woodwards stores and BC Hydro.  After graduation she joined BC Hydro in the accounting department. 

During this time she took a correspondence course in accounting and graduated with a Certified General Accounting degree.  Since leaving BC Hydro she has worked with airline companies as an accountant, including Canadian and  American airlines.   For the past few years she has worked for Sabre computer services as supervisor of human resources.  Sabre is a subsidiary of AMC who own American airlines. Debra lives in Vancouver in her own condo, and is active in the Jericho Tennis club.

(by Bill Tivy,Jan 1998)