Phillip Ryder Tivy (1873-1950) M. Maud Henderson

Phillip Ryder Tivy

As he was the eldest of the sons I am not sure he was born in Galway or in Cork. It is most likely that he was educated at Galway Grammar School as were the others. Of the boys he was the only one who remained in Ireland most of his life. He followed in his father's footsteps making a banking career in the Provincial Bank of Ireland. While he probably worked in a number of centres in his junior years he spent most of his time as Manager of the Bank in Wexford. He married and raised at least one son, James, in Wexford, whose descendents now live in Cork.

James told us when we visited him in Ireland that his father,Philip Ryder greatly enjoyed the company of his many business friends in Wexford and that he is buried in that city.