RH Tivy Family Dates

This is an overview of many of the important dates of the immediate family of Robert Harrison Tivy.  Information on children and their offspring is found elsewhere in the tree.
1949 RH Tivy Married Majorie Anne Walker - lived in Winnepeg.
1950, June 21 Robin George is born.
1951 Bought a house in Ft Rouge MB.
1952, November 9 Anna Maria is born.
1953 Move to Baie d'Urfe' Quebec (West Island Montreal).
1955 Move to Moncton NB.
1957, April 6 James William is born.
1958 Moved to New Glasgow NS.
1959 Moved back to Moncton NB to a custom build house on 111 Ranch Rd., Gunningsville.
1964 Moved to Toronto at 9 Hillavon Dr. Etobicoke.
1969 Moved to Montreal - 220 Sherwood Rd, Beaconsfield.
1971 Anne Tivy (wife) dies of cancer.
1972 Robert marries Francis Mona Toomey.
1973 James, the youngest child leaves home leaving the "nest empty".
1984 Bob retires as Chief of Management Services with the CNR.
1986 Bob and Fran move to India where Bob works with CANAC and the Indian Railway.
1988 Bob and Fran return from India and build a custom home in Whiterock BC, Canada.