William Elliot Tivy (1884-???) M1. Eva Martel, M2 Jean ???

William Elliot Tivy

He was born in or near Galway, Ireland and like the other boys was presumably educated at Galway Grammar School. At some point after 1908 he emigrated to Manitoba and lived in Rivers. While there he met and married a French Canadian girl named Eva Martel who was employed in the restaurant at the railway station.

During World War I he served in the Canadian Army Dental Corps as the the steward for the officers mess. After the war he and his wife moved to the west coast. While based there he was able to obtain employment as a steward on passenger ships going to the orient. They could have been Canadian Pacific ships such as the Empress of Asia.

At some later point he and his wife parted; he went to England while the family stayed in Brentwood Bay on Vancouver Island. Two children were born of this marriage, a son, George and a daughter, Violet. George served in the Royal Canadian Navy's Provost Corps during and after World War II. Both George and Violet are now dead, and possibly both are buried in B.C..

As for Elliot he later lived in London where we are told he remarried and raised a second family. When Fran and I visited first cousin James (son of Philip Ryder Tivy) in Cork he had no knowledge of Elliot and his second family. He did however give me a Canadian Dental Corps table napkin ring which he said had been Elliot's.