Robin Tivy (1950-) M. Jenny Getsinger (1952-)

Married 1985 at the Vancouver Unitarian church, Separated October 1997.

Robin George Tivy

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Robin was born in Winnipeg Manitoba June 21st 1950.  Robin was the first child in the family but was soon joined by a sister Maria, born in November 9, 1952.  The family and Robin moved from Winnepeg to Baie d'Urfe' Quebec when Robin was 3.  From Baie d'Urfe' onto Moncton NB when Robin was 6 where brother Jim was born in April 6 1957.  Then onto New Glasgow and back to Moncton to 111 Ranch Road in Gunningsville when Robin was 9.  Robin finished his elementary school in Gunningsville.  After Gunningsville the family moved to Toronto where Robin completed his  high school in 1969.  From there he entered the University of Toronto and graduated in 1973 with a degree in Electrical Engineering - the same degree his father Robert received.
After graduating Robin went to work with Buroughs in Toronto as a computer system salesman.  After some distinguished success as a saleman Robin went west in 1975 to Calgary and co-founded computer system company called Syspro.  It was in Calgary that Robin was first exposed to the mountains through the local group of Calgary mountaineers.  This exposure to the outdoors and the love of "epic" adventures into the mountains proved to be a formative and ongoing theme throughout the rest of Robin's life.  From Calgary, Robin packed up his van and moved to Vancouver in 1976 where he enrolled in the University of British Columbia to complete a Masters of Business Administration in 1978.  After completing this degree he did a number of things including tree planting and newspaper reporting as well as returning to Calgary for some time.  In 1981 he re-entered the computer systems field with Sydney development, then to Health Care Systems.  After Healthcare systems he cofounded a company with his brother Jim called Bluesoft Systems.  Bluesoft wrote accounting software as well as a number of utility programs.  After the first phase of Bluesoft Robin went on to work for MacDonald Detwiller and Associates, Paradigm Development, The Greater Vancouver Regional District and finally the Canadian Mountain Encyclopedia (
In May 1985 Robin married Jennifer Getsinger.  On July 21, 1989 their first son, Wolf William Tivy, was born.  Chilko Tivy was born.  Chilko was named after Chilko Lake, a remote area in British Columbia where Robin has been on a number of expeditions to.

Jennifer Suzanne Getsinger

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